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CAMLab Symposium

Buddhist Art and Architecture of the Liao Dynasty
September 17 2022

The Liao Empire (907-1125), founded by the Khitan people in northern China, has created some of the most extraordinary Buddhist monuments in Asia. “Buddhist Art and Architecture of the Liao Dynasty” is an academic research workshop that brings together research from emerging scholars that explore the social and political contexts, cultural exchanges, religious imaginations, and symbolic rituals behind the material culture, architecture, and city planning of the Liao dynasty.


Workshop Program


Opening Remarks |  Bo Sun, Chenchen Lu


Panel 1 | Monastery in Space and Space in Monastery

Chair: Bo Sun


  • Political Expression and Religious Landscape along the Axis of the Liao Upper Capital 

Yifeng Xie (Hunan University)


  • The Xishanpo N.1 Pagoda Foundation in the Liao Upper Capital and the Pavilion-style Pagoda of the Liao Dynasty

Ying Wang (Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)


  • Evolution of Space in Tang and Liao Buddhist Monasteries

Zhu Xu (Harbin Institute of Technology)


  • Multiple Voices in a Multicenter Age: Two Bronze Basins with Arabic Inscriptions in the Khitan Aristocratic Tombs of the Liao Dynasty

Qi Lu (Beijing Film Academy)


  • Discussant: Tianyue Wu


Panel 2 | Image and Ritual 

Chair: Qi Lu


  • Integrating the Esoteric and the Exoteric: The Spatial Structure and Visual Style of the Ten Thousand Buddhas in the Cave 2 of Zhenji Monastery of the Liao

Ling Cui (Hunan Institute of Science and Technology)


  • The Art of Esoteric Buddhism in the Mural of the Jueshan Monastery Pagoda

Bo Sun (National Museum of China)


  • A Study on the Gilded Pagoda of Dharma Relic Decorated with Pearl-Holding Phenix Excavated from the Heaven Palace of White Pagoda of Qingzhou

Suhyoung Sung (Mokwon University)


  • A Comparative Research on the Nirvana Imageries of Liao, Song, and Xi Xia

Bo Yu (Shandong Normal University)


  • Discussant (Mingwu Zhang)


Panel 3 | Mantra in Material

Chair: Zhu Xu


  • A Comparative Study of the Woodblock Prints of The Dharani Sutra Of Casket Seal in Liao, Wuyue, and Goryeo. 

Tianye Wu (Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts)


  • The Seven Past Buddha Motif and Dharani Pillar in the Liao Funerary Practice

Yun Gu (Central Academy of Fine Arts of China)


  • The Evolution of Dharani Pillars in the Liao and Jin Dynasties

Mingwu Zhang (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)


  • Discussant: Yifeng Xie


Time: September 17, 2022 | Saturday

GMT+8: 01:00 pm - 06:00 pm

EST: 01:00 am - 06:00 am

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